TERMS AND CONDITIONS for Commercial Vehicles - Auto Jardim Car Hire  

Age of the Driver: Minimum 21 years old and one year driving experience required for groups O, P, P1 and Q. Minimum 23 years old and two years of driving experience for groups R, S, T, U, TT1, F1, F2 and F3.

Forbidden use: Our vehicles are forbidden to be used by drivers under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, drugs or other toxic products as well as under the influence of some medication that should be avoid by drivers or by insanity of the driver, for sportive events, races, contests or bets.  
Excess: In case of accident, the Client (Driver) is responsible for the payment of the excess whenever it is his/her fault.

 Group O    900,00 €
 Group P  1.500,00 €
 Group P1, Q, R  2.000,00 €
 Groups S, T, U, TT1, F1, F2, F3  3.000,00 €

Accidents: This issue is considered one of the major worries of the rent a car companies and one of the biggest of Auto Jardim. So, because of that fact a regular check is made to every client's file. And if it is considered that the client had an abnormal raise of accidents or accidents caused by the Client are considered to be excessive, a raise can be applied to the excess amounts, which reach the double of the amounts initially presented.

In case there is an accident with total toss of the vehicle, the amounts of the excess will automatically change for the double.


Insurance for Personal Damages (CDW): It covers the responsibility in case of accident for damage, collision or turn-over of the vehicle, and the Client (Driver) is always responsible for the payment of an excess, if the responsibility is imputed to him/her.

The fulfillment of the Damage Participation is compulsory, independently of the type of event.

Theft Insurance (TW): It covers the responsibility of partial or of total theft of the vehicle, with exception for any personal objects. The Client (Driver) is always responsible for the payment of the excess.

It is clients' responsibility (Driver) to make the participation to the police and the presentation of the original key of the vehicle, because if these items are not attended, the Client (Driver) is responsible for all problems occurred with the use of the vehicle.

For the commercial vehicles there is no Excess insurace, so in this case it have to by paid a deposit mentionated above.

For the price details please, see Commercial vehicles fleet.

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