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On your next trip to Armacao de Pera, consider employing our Armacao de Pera car hire services as your main means of getting in and around this small resort town. The settlement started off as nothing more than a simple fishing village, a collection of small shacks which were used by the residents of the nearby Pera village to maintain their fishing boats and nets. It isn't completely known where the name of 'armacao' comes from but it is thought to stem from when there was a thriving tuna industry along the Algarve coast.

Today's Armacao de Pera is made up of blocks of holiday flat buildings most of which feature bars and restaurants on their ground floor. The town is at its highest population during the summer months when all those blocks start to overflow with tourists who come to enjoy the weather of the Algarve.

Those who chose to visit the place during the off-season however will enjoy a very peaceful and quiet holiday, it's a great place for families or simply those who are looking to get some solid rest during their vacation.

While you may not think it necessary in such a small town, employing our Armacao de Pera car hire services wills till prove useful because they'll not only allow you to zip around the place and be where you want to be almost immediately, but more importantly it will allow you to visit and explore the surroundings. Surroundings such as the original Pera village which has maintained its unspoilt sleepy Algarve characteristics despite Armacao becoming a tourist resort, in fact that's what allowed the village to maintain its traditional way of life.

The village is also home to one of the longest and sandiest beaches in the entire region, and the restaurants that populate the eastern side of the town pride themselves with serving only the freshest of seafood.

These are just a few of the advantages that one can garner by employing our Armacao de Pera car hire services while on a trip, so make sure to carefully look into our available offers and services which you can study at your leisure on our website.
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Sitio dos Alporchinhos, 8400-450 Porches
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Phone: 22 6053197/8/9/200
Fax: 22 6053219

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