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On your next trip to the city of Coimbra, make sure to employ our Coimbra car hire services as your main means of transportation through this place where romantic beauty is intertwined with historic significance.

The city's ancient building cling to the side of the hill that overlooks the curves of the river Mondego, but the most famous of its buildings is the world-renown University of Coimbra.

The University is known the world over for being the second oldest in the world, having opened its doors in 1290 and producing a number of nationally and globally acclaimed academics since then. This tradition of the university has withstood the passage of time and it is still a rather commonplace sight for students to don their black capes and colored ribbons denoting their faculty. However, in order to survive and thrive any place must adapt, and despite keeping strong bonds with its past, the present-day university has a truly international feel with students of about seventy different nationalities coming here to study.

The presence of such a thriving and varied student population is still the lifeblood of the city and this leaves a definite mark on the city's atmosphere during the summer holiday when many thousands of the students leave for their hometowns.

Another mark of the importance of the student population is that the nightlife is rather inevitably raucous and the youthful energy of the students gives birth to many festivities around the year which revolve around the university.

Stepping a bit away from the university, the city has other things to offer as well, especially an array of medieval churches, some really old, some just old. For instance the moment you walk through the Arco de Almedina you'll find two Cathedrals known as the Old Cathedral and the New Cathedral, however old and new are very relative to each other, as the 'new' one dates to the 17th century, and the 'old' one to the 12th.

These have been just a few of the things that you can see and do while in Coimbra, make sure to employ our Coimbra car hire services in order to better explore the city and its surroundings.
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