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Located in the Cavado Valley of Northern Portugal, Braga is the city's fifth-largest city and is best visited with the help of our Braga car hire services. The city has a very old history, it used to be a very important trading centre in ancient times and like much of the region it has seen a lot building, rebuilding and conquering an reconquering from Christian and Moors.

Modern-day Braga is a wonderful mixture of its history and the present-day life, both of which have been influenced by the fact that Braga is a very important Archdiocese.

Potential travelers to Braga will be glad to know that the city is reachable by a plethora of transportation options, including car and train, however the town doesn't have an airport. Regardless of how you get there however, once there you should definitely consider employing our Braga car rental services in order to better explore the town's many attractions as well as its surroundings.

The town features lots of churches as well as the Antigo Paco Episcopal, because Braga still is the home of Portugal's Bishops, and the facade of the Archbishop's Palace especially is interesting as it dates from the 14th century, unfortunately the building's fine interior was destroyed in a fire and it is now used to store clerical records and books.

Another interesting attraction to see is the 14th century Torre de Menagem which can be found in the city square, this used to be part of an old ring of fortifications which used to protect the original settlement here.

In the same vein, there is an altered and extended 12th century cathedral that you should definitely visit. Originally built on the ruins of a much older church, the building now houses a wonderful collection of the country's religious statues, garments and other similar artifacts.

These are just a few of the things that you can see while in Braga, there are of course many more attractions and sights both in and around the town and with the help of our Braga car hire services you will surely get to enjoy as many of those as possible.
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