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On your next trip to Cascais, make sure to consider employing our Cascais car hire services as your main means of transportation in this great Portuguese beach town. Cascais used to be the residence of the Portuguese royal family and it acted as such as a pioneer of the tourism industry in Portugal, starting its life as a very small and charming village.

It hasn't grown that much beyond that definition despite other resorts in the Algarve seeing serious growth and development from relatively recent tourism income.

Cascais is most easily reachable from Lisbon via both car and train, so this is where our Cascais car rental services can come in handy as they will allow you to zip in and around the place at your leisure.

The town does offer quite a few interesting tourist attractions to it visitors, one of the most outstanding palaces in the region being the Palacio de Conde de Castro Guimaraes. The Palace is open to the public and its exhibits come from a marvelous collection which includes over twenty-five thousand books.

A series of underground caves which were discovered during the late 19th century make up The Grutus do Poco Velho and have been dated to the Neolithic period.

Considering the town's history as a fishing village, it is a heritage that Cascais holds dear, best reflected by the Museu do Mar, which while is modest in scale it depicts the story of the town's fishing history.

One very interesting place you can visit, situated just outside of town is the Boca do Inferno or Mouth of hell, this is a place where when the sea is rough it hammers the rock so forcefully that it creates a booming noise and a spectacular spray of water.

It's true that the town itself is small enough that it can be explored in its entirety on foot but having a car at your disposal will enhance your trip far beyond what Cascais has to offer, so keep in mind to employ our Cascais car hire services.
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