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Those who are planning a trip to sunny Faro should also employ our Faro car hire services as their main means of transportation through the capital of the Algarve region. Considering the popularity of the Algarve region with visitors from all across the world, Faro sees a lot of traffic, both road and air, and while most people who pass through it don't linger too much, those who do stay, don't regret it.

The large majority of international visitors to the city will actually be landing at the Faro Airport, and are most likely to be headed towards a different resort somewhere in the Algarve. This doesn't matter as much because with our Faro Airport car hire services, you can have your choice of rental car ready and waiting for you at the airport at an hour that you specify.

As mentioned earlier, most people who will be landing at Faro Airport, most international visitors will in fact be heading towards other resorts in the region, while the Algarve region isn't extremely large, it does pack in a lot of varied sights and resorts, a great coastline, extraordinary beaches and great food. The best way of reaching any of the resorts that you're planning to see while in the Algarve is to employ our Faro car hire services and drive yourself towards your destination.

This has the advantage of seriously cutting down on the time you would be wasting between landing and getting to your destination. It's extremely convenient to jump behind the wheel and drive towards your resort of choice. Also you have to keep in mind that once you're there you will definitely benefit from having a car at your disposal because it will allow you a lot of flexibility when creating your schedule.

The fact that you will be able to go where you please, when you please to do so, will do wonders for your level of relaxation, and after all that's what matters when you're on your vacation, taking a break and relaxing.

There are many things to be seen and done, both in Faro and its surroundings, as well as in the Algarve region on the whole, make sure to employ our Faro Airport car hire services and you'll surely not miss anything that you consider a must-see location.
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Faro Desk
Estrada do Aeroporto, Montenegro, 8000-124 Faro
Tel: 289 818491
Phone: +351 302 099 910
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