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If you happen to be planning a trip to Aveiro, make sure to also consider employing our Aveiro car hire services when you get there. This rather small city is located on the river Vouga and due to its canals is known by some as the "Portuguese Venice" however the similarities with the famous Italian city end there.

The town is reachable by rail and road and since it is within driving range of other cities such as Porto and Coimbra, driving from there to here or from here to there make a lot of sense, especially if you employ our Aveiro car rental services.

Aveiro has been a seaport for most of its history, but it has also been strongly linked to its nearby salt pans. Fishing only brought prosperity during the 16th century which was actually practiced off the coast of Newfoundland. Nowadays Aveiro is an industrial center however the old lagoon that now stands where the old bay used to be has maintained a particular type of charm and attraction to visitors. The town is criss crossed with canals and the canals feature “moliceiro”, boats meant to collect seaweed.

One particular attraction of the beach area is the small houses which line it, they are painted in a variety of very vibrant colors.

Like much of Portugal the town features at leans an old church, Aveiro has two, a 16th century one and a 15th century one. And just like any old town requires, there's a museum in the town as well.

Aveiro's surroundings deserve some exploration, and you'll surely need our Aveiro car hire services for this purpose. Nearby you can find the town if Ilhavo where you can find a Maritimie Museum as well as the world famous fine porcelain factory of "Vista Alegre" which has been operating since 1824.

These are just a few of the things that you can see and do while in Aveiro and its surroundings, make sure to employ our Aveiro car hire services as your main means of transportation through this wonderful region of Portugal.
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