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When you're planning a trip to Figueira da Foz, make sure to also consider employing our Figueria da Foz car hire services as your main means of transportation through this wonderful coastal town. Also known as, Rainha das Praias or Queen of Beaches, Fiegueira da Foz features almost unending stretches of golden sands that attract a huge number of beach lovers every year.

The town has been a popular resort for a long time, the height of its popularity having been several decades ago, however some of its most important features date from well before that height. For instance the Grande Casino Peninsular, this was built in the late 19th century and it was one of the largest in the country. It is still in operation, hosting shows, dancing and of course, gambling. Another interesting attraction is the Palacio Sotto Mayor, this is a veritable treasure-trove of antiques, art and collectibles, related to the aristocracy that lived here.

Figueira da Foz definitely has a picturesque quality to it thanks to the coastline, but this impression is further enhanced by the presence of the surrounding green hills of the Serra da Boa Viagem, where you should go if you want to get some wonderfully commanding views of the surrounding countryside. While this is a seaside resort, the place isn't just about great beaches, there are several other attractions in and around it which you can visit easily with the help of our Figueira da Foz car rental services.

There's the Casa do Paco, which overlooks the river and plays host to a world-ranking collection made up of thousands of 17th century tiles, produced in the famous Dutch ceramics-producing town of Delft. The tiles came about getting here because of a nearby shipwreck from that same period, the other great thing about this attraction is that it is free to visit.

Yet another thing of historical interest related to this place is that this was the landing spot of the Duke of Wellington's men in 1808 which started the Peninsular war against the French. He made the Santa Catarina fortress his head-quarters, the fortress itself dating back to the 16th century.

These are just a few of the things that you can see and do while in this great little resort town, make sure to employ our Figueria da Foz car hire services in order to petter explore it and its surroundings.
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